Well i’ve been recently using my step dads computer while my computer comes from a shipment. After he downloaded your ■■■■■ software, it started pissing me off. I mean, when I use a program that is a possible trojan, the quarantine picks it up. Great right? Not great. The program I tried using was a trusted program and Comodo Anti-virus told me it was infected. Okay cool whatever, it says its gonna quarantine it, WITHOUT an cancel option/trusted option. Pressing OK would send it to quarantine where I would restore it, then the anti virus would put it back in quarantine after pressing the same OK button.

Not only this, if some person were to click the X at top of the window, it wouldn’t do squat which just happens to be my fix. I congratulate you people on thinking ahead.

I give you guys kudos for making free software, the world needs that. However thoughtless programming is obvisouly the flaw in the anti-virus. Has this even been through testing? Your suppossed to try and break this thing, but obvisouly you failed testing it aswell.

Thats the only thing i’ve had problems with so far, but god knows what else might be wrong with it and your other products.

You make some constructive points but do you have to be so rude? A little politeness goes a long way, young man.

I could have made it a lot more of flaming and increased the rudeness, but I’m not like that. This is a rant and suggestion aswell, because I also said how they could fix the problem, indirectly but I did say how they could fix it. Maybe I jumped to conclusions? Maybe its isolated? Im not sure, but its a bad experience. Customers don’t fancy bad experiences and I’m sure others would have made it a lot ruder aswell.

Just so we all know - Comodo Anti Virus is still a beta product. Yes, there are some problems with it, in its current state, but Comodo are reworking the applications based on feedback from the users. The more constructive criticism they get, the better the app will end up.

They’ll have fixed the bugs before it is released as a finalised product. No-one knowingly releases buggy code deliberately.

Ewen :slight_smile:

There will always be false positives when you have a good heuristics engine, it happens with any antivirus. Just send the file to Comodo through the submit button to be corrected in the database.

To stop the file being quarantined you can add it to the exclusions.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience and you think there something ‘wrong with the coding’, but this is a BETA product also so there always will be problems. Beta testing aims to find these and fix them before full release.


I would have added to exclusives if I found that.

I know there will always be false reports, and was expected with the program I ran. The program I ran is a macro program is its quite obvisous that every other anti-virus would have said the same thing.

And if I knew this was in beta, I wouldn’t have been so picky. But I never saw anything saying that it was in beta in the actual program.

To exclude a file you just had to do the following:

Open CAV go to settings>>on acess scan>>advanced>>you will see under the heuristics settings the option to exclude items.

You can then repeat this for on demand scan.

About the product being a beta: it is mentioned on the website where you downloaded from and in the product under the 'about' button (see screenshot)


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I am sorry you had some false positives! I did too! It quarantined one of remote management products. I got it excluded and now it works nicely.

You used the word “customer” and definiton of a customer is: One that buys goods or services. FYI: our AntiVirus or other Security products that we have are all Free! We built these for our “users”! And we encourage our users to come and participate in these forums so that we can all help eachother as well as make these products better.

So, you seemed to have this pent up desire to critique our products. And I welcome that. However, I would like to channel your energy, in the interest of the community, to use your ability to critique our products in a more constructive manner so that you can help use make our products better! No brain is better than the other! So team work always wins!

Can we ask you to come and join the community and help us improve it by giving us your suggestions and putting them in the wish list please!

thank you