Anti Virus Softwear

??? I Have Somethng I like to ask I had Comodo Anti Virus Soft wear on my computer and it kind of Just stop working and no more new updates would come in for it and so I removed the program because since it was not working I had deleted it now I like to re download softwear from comodo for Anti Virus " I like comodo a lot since I found it to be the best Program softwear on the market… I like to know how I can go about re downloading the Program again or a new verson of the Program what should I do?.. your Nebraskapoet

Sounds like you were using the Comodo Antivirus BETA. It had a very blue (color) interface, right? If that’s the case it expired LONG ago and became a part of Comodo Internet Security.

Here’s the download page for CIS. The Antivirus has become exceptional over the years.

As far as i know all versions before 3.11 are not getting AV updates.

So is there any 100% Free Virson of Comodo Anti Virus Working and out there for any one to get and that dose work 100% with any one haveing to buy the program.

I linked you right to the download page in my previous post. The page says “Free” right on it and I’ve downloaded from there before. If there’s any problem at all it might be something with your computer or your connection (somewhere between your ISP and any DNS Server).

CIS is 100% free, unless you choose to buy the paid version.