Anti virus not working

I have downloaded Comodo anti Spam and now Comodo anti Virus does not scan my Email.
Does anyone know the answer to this or do I have to uninstall Comodo anti Spam?


What version of CAVS are you using? Are you using beta 1.1 or are you using the latest beta? Also if you uninstall antispam what happens? Will CAVS scan your e-mails again?

I am using the 1.1 Version. This is the version that is on the Comodo site. I have uninstalled Comodo antispam. However the anti virus program was still not scanning Email.

Tried to uninstall the Anti virus and received error that it failed but a lot of the Program was not there.

Reinstalled but it still did not work.

Did a System Restore to before I installed Comodo anti spam but the Anti virus is still not scanning Email.

I am about ready to give up.


You may wish to try out a newer beta version, as of this post the lastest is beta, you can find more information on this release HERE. Don’t give up, if you are still having issues, we can go from there :slight_smile: