Anti-Virus Has Locked Files - Can't Access?

I just installed City Life 2008, and CIS thinks BuildingImporter.exe has the Swizzor.Generic trojan in it. It asked me what to do, and I said Ignore (once). I think I simply closed the dialogue box when it next asked me, not choosing any option. The EXE file in question doesn’t appear to be in the quarantine (it’s still in the right place on the disk), but I can’t run it - it says it can’t access it. I’m guessing the AV has locked it somehow without removing it (maybe taken ownership? I certainly can’t take ownership back and I’m the admin on this machine!).

It’s not critical, but at some point in the future it may lock a file that is critical - how can I release the file? I respect that the AV thinks it’s bad and is trying to prevent a mistake, but a user should be able to override this somehow (at their own risk, of course).

Can I do this in CIS? How?

Can you please check in Defense+ / My Blocked Files. Let us know if the file is listed in there.

I can confirm that it is not there…

Does rebooting do the trick? Try adding it to the AV exclusions.

Ran into this problem today, did not realise comodo was the culprit, no unlock program i could find could delete the file.

It was not under my blocked files.

But, adding it there and THEN removing it ( deleting in my case as i really wanted it gone ), did the trick.

Seemes only comodo had access to it.

Made me happy enough to register here and post this… :wink:

Sorry, I forgot to reply to this. The file eventually became unlocked, with no input from me - it’s possible I had rebooted in between for other reasons, but can’t remember.