Anti-virus for Windows 2000 Server SP4

I posted this in another forum here yesterday with no response.

Is there any free antivirus, including Comodo, that will run on Windows 2000 Server SP4. My ex-husband bought a used laptop with the OS. Why in HELL anyone would put that on a laptop is beyond me. I’m guessing that they needed to replace OS, and used a bootleg program.

At any rate, can Comodo Firewall / Antivirus run on this OS? And can Comodo Firewall be configured to NOT give the allow/block popups. My ex is not at ALL computer literate, and I want to install programs that require little or no user input.

No as far as i know CIS firewalll will not run on windows 2000 SP4

There probably are a cuple of firewalls that will run on W2000 SP4 but i dont know them

You can try the old Comodo Firewall 2.4: Download Comodo Internet Security for Windows - . I think Antivir from Avira may be a good choice: Download Avira Free Antivirus 15.0.2003.1821 for Windows - .

Comodo Firewall may be a bit complex. Outpost recently released the free version of their firewall v6: . Still may be complex.

Otherwise consider Zone Alarm Free. That is easy enough to set up and won’t be chatty to the user.