Anti-Virus - Does it work on Windows 2000?

OK, I’ve read up that Comodo Internet Security is not supported on Windows 2000 and it is only supported on XP and Vista platforms.
Can I still install it on Windows 2000 and get it to work and also get updates for it? I’m not bothered about the support aspect as if I get problems then I can de-install etc.

Also, I’m not interested in the Firewall bit just the anti-virus part of software.

I’m hoping it WILL work as a local school wants to some anti-virus software on their computers and so I want to recommend Comodo as it is the ONLY free anti-virus software for schools.
All the others like avast, AVG etc make schools pay.


no it doesnt support windows 2000,the only other free one i can think of is pctools antivirus free it will work on windows 2000.

Thanks for the answer but for clarification, I am not looking at support on W2K, I want to know whether I can install it on a Windows 2000 machine and get it to work and get updates?

It is likely that CIS installer will detect Windows 2000 and refuse to install.

Supporting Wndows XP or Vista imply that CIS will be tested on these platforms and there is no guarantee that an update will break compatibility with unsupported platforms.

Although Windows NT OSses (W2K, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista) have much in common there are also subtle/blatant differences that cause software to behave in unexpected ways.

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I think Antivir will work on 2000 as well. It is also for free.

AFAIK Avira Antivir Personal license restrict usage only for single installations on home PC.

It is not uncommon that many 3rd party free AVs impose such restriction and I guess that finding a free AV that suits a school environment will be a difficult task.

ClamWin has a compatible license and provides a free AV scanner that supports Windows 2000 but it has no realtime scanner feature.

Clamwin Wikipedia article states that it is possible to provide realtime support using winpooch

[b]Real-time scanning[/b]

ClamWin does not yet automatically scan files as they are read and written. This feature is planned for inclusion in the next major version update. However, this feature has been claimed to be in development since at least 10 December 2005.[7] It is currently possible to add this functionality by using Winpooch.

Thanks for the update Endymion.
You are right, most of the ‘free’ AV solutions are for home use only and it seems Comodo were the only ones who had a genuine free version.

Clamwin does NOT have a on-access scanner although as you mentioned you could add winpooch but I’m not sure if it’s going to be that easy going down that route.


Apart from PC Tools, what about Spyware Terninator? It has optional realtime ClamAv scanning.