Anti-virus causes Angular CLI compiler to hang in VSCode

Comodo version Internet Security Premium 11 (

OS: Windows_NT x64 6.1.7601
VSCode version: 6.6.346.32

I am using VSCode to edit and compile and Angular application. Angular CLI version 7 and Node.js version 10.15.3.
Angular CLI automatically re-compiles when edits to source files are saved.

The problem is that the compiler hangs randomly, in every 10 compiles it may happen 5x, 8x, or just 1x.
I have traced the problem to be caused by Comodo Anti-virus.

The issue is not specific to the VSCode inbuilt command window. It also happens using the Windows command window to compile the Angular application (also when run as Administrator).

When Comodo Anti-virus is turned off the compiler never hangs.

It happens both with both anti-virus settings ‘Stateful’ and ‘On Access’.

It also happened with Angular CLI version 5 (and Node.js version 6 (I think it was)).
However it did not happen when this same computer (also with Comodo installed) was compiling Angular CLI version 5 about a year ago (up until and including January 2018).
The computer also had Comodo installed a year ago so the issue has been introduced in Comodo Anti-virus since January 2018.

This is a serious impediment for any web-developer as you cannot use the Angular compiler and it needs urgent attention.

Can you see what happens when you disable Script Analysis Settings or disable the specific compiler?

Does adding the application to scan exclusions help? Or the whole folder of where the source files are located that it accesses?

Thank you both for your quick reponse.

EricJH, my Comodo does not have a Script Analysis tab.

futuretec, I added the project source folder, the nodejs folder and also the npm-cache folder to scan exclusion. Initially this seemed to work, but then the compiler started to hang again. So it hasn’t resolved the issue.

I am also not comfortable with excluding the nodejs/npm folder from antivirus permanently as these folders contain source code from hundreds (if not thousands) of contributors.

Can you provide download links and exact steps to replicate the issue? What version of CIS are you using? Have you tried using the latest v12 which has AV improvements? How do you determine the application is hanging, do you get a warning from Windows indicating it is not responding?

When the compiler is working as intended the terminal gives feedback on the build process of the modules included in the project.
The Angular CLI re-compiles automatically when edits to source files are saved. This is what should happen.

However what does happen is that the automatic re-compiling is not initiated and the terminal gives no feedback. In other words none of the modules are re-compiled. This is what I refer to as ‘the compiler hangs’.
The only way forward is to terminate the job with Crtl + C. And compile from scratch.
The problem with this is, a) the re-compiler doesn’t happen automatically, and also b) the compiler has to compile all the modules again (not just the ones that have been changed) which takes a lot longer.

The issue appeared to be related to the computer running out of memory so I upgrade the RAM from 8GB to 16GB this week. However it has not made any difference so it can be ruled out that the issue is due to lack of memory.

A few days ago Comodo updated to version

Since the update the compile issue has actually been worse.
With the previous version of Comodo ( the compiler was only hanging sometimes, now since Comodo version 12 it is virtually on every compile.

In order to recreate the issue please follow the instructions in the official Angular Get Started guide Angular. It will explain how to install Angular CLI (and dependencies) and to create a test-project (the compile issue will happen on any project, it is not related to a specific project).

Hi Julie09,

We’re checking this issue.

The issue was resolved when moving my Angular project to a SSD (hard disk with NTFS file system). Previously the project was located on a mounted RAM disk, file system FAT32.

The RAM disk software does not allow me to set up a RAM disk with NTFS so I can’t tell you whether the issue is with the file system being FAT32 or the fact that it is a mounted RAM disk.

With the project running from SSD, NTFS, I do not experience any issues with Comodo anti-virus being on. So the issue is resolved for me.

I think CIS will see the RAM disk as a mounted device and will not trust it because mounted devices may not always be monitored. The SSD is seen as an internal device which will therefor be continuously monitored by CIS and therefor trusted.