Anti-Theft only works while phone is unlocked and application is running :/


So I’ve been using CMS for a while now and i decided to install and try Anti-Theft.
Device: Xiaomi MI 4LTE MIUI6 Global Rom

I do also have a few other programs that are device administrators.

This is what I’ve noticed so far :-

  1. After install when I go device administrators there are no permissions listed during activation or when viewing administrators after activation. Other administrators have some minimal permissions listed.

  2. The application itself appears to be operating fine except it doesn’t keep my name in the profile page when updated.

  3. During testing the features; Alarm, Lock Phone, Take Photo and Locate, I discovered that they’ll only work remotely from the website when the Anti-Theft application is loaded (running) and when the device is not locked in any other way either by SIM-Lock or Phone-Lock.

  4. I set the Anti-Theft application to Autostart with system permissions and after rebooting; even though the main application does ‘not’ spawn a foreground window or appear to be running in in processes, the remote features do work but again, they only work if the phone is unlocked :frowning:

  5. I set the CUP to only clear cache 5 minuets after sleep in battery profiles but the effect after to be immediate to screen lock.
    Lock off, it works and lock on it doesn’t

I always have my phone locked by sim and phone lock and if it is stolen in this mode, there is no way to use any feature of the application :frowning:

Is there any known issues, bugs or workarounds?

I’ve already reinstalled the application a few times and the process and symptoms are fairly consistent.
The MI4 has a dual system layout with a shared data partition using links to swap between /System0 and /System1 but I only ever use one system. I do not know if this is the source of the problem.

Thanks for help providing any insight and possible steps I can check to resolve the problem.