Anti Spam not working with Thunderbird


I have Comodo Internet Security running for a couple of weeks and am happy with it. I installed AntiSpam this morning with Thunderbird as the email client.

I get a lot of spam, however AntiSpam has been active for 3 hours and it doesnt seem to be storing anything in the quarantine database. The amount of mail being received by TB seems reduced. I accepted the default config on installation and as far as I can see AS is switched on. I have added most of the distribution lists that I subscribe to to the “allowed list”.

I have checked through the AntiSpam settings and everything seems to be setup correctly.
The Thunderbird email account settings appear to unaltered though - should they be any dfferent?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Are emails that are identified as spam stored in the quarantine list?
Any tests I can perform to establish if its working?

Many thanks.


Hi Adam:

    First, export your white list from authentication database, then remove all the allow addresses. Then you could check if all your emails is blocked by AntiSpam, that is, all incoming emails will be put in quarantine database. if this is ture, Antispam works, then you could approve non-spams in the quarantine database to built your new allow list.
   If not, please confirm your email account is accessed by POP protocol, and servers are not set to use SSL in thundbird. (Comdo AntiSpam mayl change SSL properties of servers, please keep the change.)
   Hope this helps!

Thanks for that advice.

I have exported the white lists and removed all the entries.
Now TB is receiving all the mail but still nothjing is appearing in the quarantine list.

I have 4 email accounts and they are all POP without SSL.

It look like TB is hitting the POP servers without being intercepted by AS (presuming that is how it works).

Hi Adam:

    >>It look like TB is hitting the POP servers without being intercepted by AS (presuming that is how it works).
    You are right, please try to reinstall it.
     By the way, what Antivirus or system security software you installed in you system?

Thanks for that.

When started the PC this morning TB received very few mails which is unusual.
There was nothing showing in the AS Quarantine list but when I stopped AS and performed a send/receive TB then received 300+ mails.

So it looks like AS is preventing the mail getting through to TB but still nothing dispays in the quarantine list.

I will re-install AS and let you know what happens.

Thanks for your help.

After re-installing and clearing all thewhitelists it doesnt appear to be stopping anything now.
Still nothing in the quarantine list.
TB appears to recieve all mail.

I noticed that when I hit send/receive a small envelope icon appears briefly in the tray - it looks like a comodo icon so I deduced that AS is doing something.

Any suggestions?
Are there any logs I can check?

I tghink my last post was misleading.

AS has been active for @ 3hrs this morning - very few mails received by TB. Buit when I killed AS 15 mails were recieved by TB next time I hit send/receive. Nothing showed in the quarantine list.

So again it looks like AS is blocking mail sometimes, but nothing is evident in the quarantine list.
I am not sure why the occasional mail gets through to TB but most is blocked - there is nothing in the AS whitelist.

The othjer security sofware I have is Comodo Internet Security (free version) and MalawarBytes AntiMalWare.
As far as I know the latter is manually invoked.

I have two Windows XP computers using Mozilla Thunderbird as email client. I have COMODO Internet Security and COMODO anti-spam installed on both. COMODO anti-spam appears to be working on one computer but not on the other. On the one that “works”, I have to poll the server for each email available, ie: must poll 13 times to receive 13 emails and once more to delete the last email. On the other computer, the ant-spam seems to not be doing anything, nothing appears in the Quarantine Database and obvious spam is getting through. Anyone know why the behavior is so different on these two computers?

I found the problem, and it was a simple error in the name of the pop server on one computer.