Anti spam for Vista?

Can anyone tell me if the anti spam application is going to be upgraded for Vista and if so, when this will be? Thanks.

Hi Holders,
There are a number of products on the go at the moment but there is some planned work on Comodo Anti-Spam to happen at some point in the future. I myself haven’t heard a great deal of late on the subject. Keep an eye out. There’s a number of products coming out this year and improvements to CPF and the upcoming release of Comodo Antivirus/Spyware 3.

In the meantime, you might be able to run Comodo Anti-Spam with Vista’s Compatibility Mode.


I have Anti Spam installed on a clean installation of Vista Business with Outlook 2007 and everything was working fine for about 6 months, then it just stopped working. No errors are reported and no configuration changes were made that I can correlate to the loss of functionality. Anti Spam just does not react to Outlook at all. All messages are delivered - nothing blocked. (:AGY) Any ideas?

The same thing happened on an XP machine with Outlook 2003 a while back, but I just gave up on that one. I would loove to know how to get this working again.

There seems to be a conflict with some Antivirus Products with regards to their Mass Mailing protection such as in CAVS 2. Which Antivirus are you using? Currently, no conflict with Avast.


Live One Care for AV and firewall. This has been the case from Day One. Do you know of any patch /Service Pack issues with Vista SP1 and CAS?

I personally don’t know as I’ve not tried it on my Vista machine yet.

There aren’t any problems with XP SP3 so far.