anti keylogger?

Why is Zemana keylogger test trusted?

Why did SpyShelter produced no pop-ups on first run? (except to say it was about to run).
Why, on second run, did Cloud Scanner and Defense+ jumped in with red coloured alerts? Were they asleep before?

Why so many failures (snapshots) and why is there an argument about this dating back to 2007?

Windows 7 64-bit
Proactive Secutity
FW Custom Policy
D+ Safe Mode
AV Disabled
Sandbox Disabled

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Hi HeffeD.

You’re right, wrong format. My apologies.

Maybe this shouldn’t be considered a bug but more of a design flaw, except the part where CIS first doesn’t alert and then does (I’ll start a new threat on that).

Could you, then, move this thread to a location you consider appropriate?

Kind regards.

Zaman if I am not mistaking is a HIPS program will therefore conflict with d+

[quote]Why is Zemana keylogger test trusted?
yes it is :wink:

I’m talking about the test not the program.