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Someone had posted about using Shields Up so I tried it. All ports were closed but it had answered the ping? but shouldn’t have. I have stealth mode selected in firewall settings, should that have prevented this? I have windows 7, a modem not a router, and CIS 5.3 installed in proactive mode. Thanks

Can you post a sreenshot of your Global Rules (CIS > Firewall > Network Security Policy > Global Rules)

Also, If possible can you list your modems make and possible model :slight_smile:



Sorry, I need some guidance, every time I take a screen shot it looks good until I post it, then it’s tiny. Thanks

Once you have the screenshot saved, you’ll select ‘additional options’ then click browse to upload the image,

Hope this helps

See what I mean about small. The modem is made by Sprint Products Group, SP660ME-61 Thanks

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I finally found a way into my modems settings and fixed the problem of answering to pings. Shields up now says it’s AOK. It still says Solicited TCP Packets Failed. I don’t understand that completely. The only setting I saw in the modem was under a lan settings TCP RIP direction set to none. Could be set to in only,or out only. I don’t thank that’s the problem since I have no lan. Thanks

I wouldn’t worry about what your router is reporting to ShieldsUp. You still have your software firewall behind your router, so if someone was able to get past your router, they’d also need to get past your software firewall.

I have a modem,I thought they were different than a router? Thanks

A modem is a device that connects one computer with the internet. It is like a see through device

In order to connect more than one computer to the internet a router needs to be placed between the modem and the other computers.

Often modem and routers come in one box; but not necessarily. Traditionally cable providers tend to provide modems to their end user where ADSL providers tend to provide modem/routers (two devices in one box).

Back on topic. When a site like GRC Shields Up tests it will test the router when there is a router in your network set up and not the firewall on your computer.

I did a little Google search on your Sprint Products Group SP660ME-61 device. According to this comment

You can download the manual and quick start guide from »

Essentially the same modem, just rebranded by Sprint.

it is a rebranded Zyxel ADSL 2+ modem/router.

In short GRC was probing the router, not your computer’s firewall.