Answers and Honesty: why are they missing now?

I just want to warn people and let them know whatever you do, do not do the three following things with CIS: when signing up for the service, whatever you have to sell do it but do not sign up for the monthly payment scheduleā€¦Second:if you are have alot of problems, and i mean alot to the point that you know who you are working with as soon as the banner pops up and it says their name for the Lords sake do not ask them to be completely honest with you no matter what, good or badā€¦lastely, when you ask for complete and explict honesty do not ask for the answers good or bad, face it we live on computers for the most part, i like driving down the road with a blind fold on seriously donā€™t you? Face it in life, sometimes in life your offered the chance to see clearly what is going on, most times not. With a computer, we have a lot more signs and things coming up, giving warnings when possible, some of us listen and try to be very preventative. We want the problem fixed right the first time and then we get on with life, say we get another warning that something isnā€™t right we go to a trusted and qualified source to hopefully be able to solve the problem, but alas nobody will tell you anything, nothing, you get stonewalled at every turn. So what are you to think? Iā€™l tell you: you think hey iā€™ll try again, so and so just had a bad day, iā€™ll ask someone else, and when you do,you get stonewalled again, and again, and againā€¦Finally all of the confidence and every thrill, every bit of enthusiasts you have had in the past with the company is like sand running out of your hands, gone, vanished, a lite poof in the air is all that it leaves, no sign anyone was there for awhile looking after you, being a big brother or sister But sooner or later they leave you too. All of a sudden you come to the realizaion he isnā€™t who spoken beforeā€¦ that everyone is out for themselves none for the common man. Your on tour own, just like lifeā€¦think about that.

brought to tearsā€¦ :cry: