Another uninstall/reinstall problem.

I’ve searched the archives and recent posts on uninstall problems but can’t find a solution. The application monitor etc had turned off and I could not turn it on - hense the need to unin/reinstall.

There is no CPF entry left in my registry. The directory for CPF is empty. There is no CPF entry in “add remove software” from Control Panel (and other programs.

I have removed Install Shield entries from the registry.

STILL I am stopped on reinstall indicating I have an “old install program”

Obviously I don’t like relying in MS’ XP firewall as my only safety net so I would really appreciate help getting CPF reinstalled again.

I’m trying to install version on a WINDOWS XP SP2 machine.


Hi gad:

** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

[b]Install & Uninstall - Issues & Resolutions[/b],302.0.html,1184.0.html,5326.0.html

Hopefully these prove valuable.

Last time I wound up having to replace drive C with a previous cloned version in order to get CFP working.

Now - once again - the various components in CFP stopped working and can not be turned on. The program suggests a reinstall. Of course that has let - once more - to an inability to reinstall after the uninstall because the installation program claims there is still a CFP installation despite removing from the registry and folders etc.

This means I have two of the comodo products with the same problem - inability to reinstall on a computer that shows no signs of a legacy installation.

Surely it’s not too much to ask that this deficiency be attended to - given the number of people with the same complaint on these forums!

The products themselves woould be great if only this could be corrected and i could be assured that the product could be uninstalled and reinstalled if necessary.

Hey gadfly,

Sorry to hear aboutthe uninstall stuffups you’re having. Hopefully this info will help. :wink:

I’ve been digging around and have found the following file locations and registry keys which may be involved.




c:\program files\trustix\common\license
c:\program files\trustix\common\licenses

Please be aware that you may or may not have the “c:\program files\trustix\common\licenses” file path on your system, as I suspect this is a left over from a previous installation, but I’m not 100% certain on this.

Try deleting the registry keys and the trustix folder branch and then see if you can reinstall.

Let us know how this works out.

hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I removed the last Comodo program - BOclean - then cleaned any reference to Comodo out of my registry particularly the ones you indicated when present - then removed the Trustix folders (they were empty but present) - then rebooted.

After that the Firewall installed for me (and BOclean). I don’t want to reinstall AV just yet so I can’t report on that.

However - the firewall monitors are once more turned off and cannot be turned on - which was the reason I uninstalled CPF in the first place.

Thank you Panic.