another occurrence of unwanted intrusions

just recently browsing YT looking up stuff about overunity magnetic devices when this page opened in a new tab:
^loaded in the middle of watching a video (no user actions to cause it to load)

I don’t think it’s that page directly, but some sort of script that isn’t being detected…
I have alot of tabs open, but those are all forums or notes where all ads have been blocked…
I do believe the fault of this intrusion lies on YT.

I’m not sure if this really is CID’s fault as this could be a new advertising method found…

if I could figure out what launched the webpage (link above) I could probably provide more info to track the cause of the intrusion.

I still have the page open… it’s not like it can track me or anything… :stuck_out_tongue:
so if I can trace the call from that, let me know :slight_smile:

I’ve closed my browser (to get on a game), so I can no longer track this page.

Without a link to the video you were watching we cannot try to reproduce it on CID or other browsers.

not sure which it was then… I had about 5 or 6 YT tabs open…

I’ll post a few I was watching here in a bit, though it happened quite literally out of nowhere really :confused:
(like far after those tabs loaded fully)

I think it might be some custom-injected JS or something. >_>
I’m keeping my guard up because it won’t be just YT if so…

I’ll keep you guys updated :wink:

here we are:

thank you history
if one of those pages doesn’t show up with it, then it was some random JS injection