Another Comodo convert

Just thought you would like to read this:


Of course Comodo’s going to replace ZA some day. Free version of ZA is terrible, and takes to much resources. Comodo’s getting better and better, good job all on Comodo (L)

Cool find Jasper. Tnx for sharing that, and I’m glad the guy/gal is enjoying the firewall.


Another happy user, it would be interesting to see a poor review for Comodo products…i’ve not seen many! (L)

Just given it a glowing report on the Sniptools site and mentioned BOClean as well.

Yes, I think I agree with the comments on ZA free edition.
ZA Pro (paid for edition) comes out well in the surveys but the free edition comes out very poorly.

Unfortunately the free edition seems to be the most used free firewall on the planet, a pity really as it appears to be as much use as a chocolate teapot (but better than nothing or Windows XP firewall :D).

Comodo just needs a lot more publicity in the computer press.

I do all I can to promote it on the internet Techi forums.

Long live Comodo! (B)

ZA was a very good free product for awile. But now its just gone downhill. I love CPF. I just hope with years to come Comodo doesnt sell out or go the way ZA has with its product.

Well i don’t like where CPF 3.x is going. ZA is simple and you don’t have to configure bunch of useless options. CPF might be powerful and stuff but even me as expert want firewall that just does the job and is not annoying.
Since i’m on Vista my only choice remains ZoneAlarm, PC Tools Firewall or McAfee Firewall 2007 with 1 year bundle that i got not long ago.

I’m another long-term ZAPro user but have also just converted to Vista…(good move or not?)
I’m in the search for a ZA replacement and came here after reading at

of course the current version isn’t vista complient if I’ve studied the site correctly
but I’m hoping to be able to test the product out when it’s finally released but until
then I’ll have to put up with a less than secure system.



There is an alpha version for Vista 32 bit and Vista 64 bit. It is an alpha and as such should not be used in a production environment, unless you are cognizant of the risks inherent in doing this and are prepared to accept these risks.

Having said that, the alpha is remarkably stable, but it does have a few quirks (backwards IP address rendering in the logs and a habit of forgetting rules occassionally). If this is not your only system or you are willing to take a small risk, it’s well worth a look.

Ewen :slight_smile:

G’Day Mate,

And thanks for the useful feedback about the Alpha product however since I’m
on a home network setup and still searching for a very reliable product I feel
I must wait a while longer until it’s proven reliable…
might already be the case but since investing in vista and struggling to close
vital ports with other renowned products I have actually found a temporary solution
all be it an outlandish one…

I tried the conventional method of running the latest Zonealarm and although it’s been successful for me in the past I found that in this latest version I was unable to secure my pc from
the many culprits out there…for the time being I’ve found that the 'Trend Micro Pc-Cillin setup
works for me but I can only obtain a full stealth setup if I run it along side vistas own firewall aslo…I realise this isn’t the smart thing to do but it is actually working for me for the time being.

to be honest I’d prefer just the one reliable product to do it all but at the moment I’m having no luck and with a singular product I seem unable to block those dangerous ports.

anyway this reply has gotten way out of control now…:slight_smile:
time I continued my search for answers until Comodo is in ‘Final’ testing
or at least a beta version.

thanks again.


Hey Miike,

The beta of CFP V3 is due to be released on August 16th. Please be aware that this date was arrived at using a software developers calendar, which is made of silly putty and Play-Doh and is remarkably elastic. Comodo are aiming for August 16th, but that is not a guarantee they will make it.

If it’s not the 16th, then it won’t be far off.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I hear you friend…:slight_smile:
thanks for the update…appreciated.


I’ve been using Comodo Personal Firewall and Comodo Antivirus for about a year now and they are truely great products, to be free. I was using CA Internet Security Suite paid subscription for years, but through a number of software updates, they began hogging up my system resources. After switching to Comodo for my internet security, web browsing was faster, faster download speeds, and more system resources became available.

Any computers that I build from here out will have Comodo internet security products installed. I recommend Comodo to all my clients when servicing their computers, and they see the difference between their bloatware and Comodo. They are amazed at how much their firewall and antivirus was dragging their system down.

I can’t thank you enough for such great software and for free. (:CLP)