Another case of popups

I’ve searched and browsed these forums for a while, and am still unable to resolve my popup issue. Out of the relevant threads I looked up, there are several unhelpful cases, such as: 1)the user getting ignored, and 2)many attempts to help out the user, but that user’s issue ultimately does not get solved. There was, however, one case that seemed to work out for someone, which was to delete the application rule for a program, and then open that application again to make the Remember option appear.

In my case, the Remember option almost never appears, and if it does, the rule isn’t remembered anyway when I choose for Comodo to do so. Deleting the application rule does not make the Remember option reappear, which doesn’t really cause me further grief, since so far the Remember option hasn’t even been working yet. Could anybody help me identify what is wrong?

It seems as if many people are having this problem, so maybe it would be something on the development side? Otherwise, could somebody please help me out? It’s quite unpleasant to click Allow twice everytime I open up a program that interacts through the internet. For any information needed, you may ask, and I will do my best to answer accurately.

First, What is your CPF version? OS + SP?

And what sort of popups you are seeing. Please paste some screenshots.


CPF version is

WinXP Pro with SP2

I hope this helps.

This should be solved in BETA release.,1047.0.html you can try if it solves your problem. R u using a sortof sandbox?

I was debating on whether or not to mention that, since the person that fixed his problem by deleting application rules was sandboxing. So anyway, now that it was brought up: I have no idea what a sandbox is :stuck_out_tongue: (and that is why I didn’t mention it) Anyway, I will try out the beta that you have linked. Thanks!


A sandbox (sometimes also called a sandpit) is an application that creates a “sort of” segregated memory space, cut off from the rest of the O/S.

When you run a program in this preserved space, it can’t touch the rest of the PCs memory or file system resources (like registry, etc.). you would usually use a sandbox if you were testing an unknown application on a live system and you didn’t want the new application to break anything. They can also be used to trap any unwanted output from an application. In this vein, they can be used to test whether an application has spyware, trojan or other malicious components in it.

Running an application in a sandbox environment can causeissues with firewalls, as the firewall can see something running, but the sandbox is preventing interaction between the app under its control and the firewall.

If I’ve got any part of this wrong, or if anyone else has a clearer or better explanation, please post here.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Im using the beta of Comodo and the pop ups are far and inbetween but it still has trouble remembering Firefox. Thats about the only popup I get now so its came a long way. Im wondering why it still does FF? I noticed the poster above has a popup issue with FF too. Overall you can`t beat CPF.

Sometimes the “issue” is that the parent changed… i.e. what spawned FF. One I may launch FF maually, the next time by clicking a link in an e-mail… when I click the e-mail link, Outlook is the new parent.

I think the verbosity level also impacts this. (selectable in the beta “pro install options”)