Another big one...thanks

…and today we are being spammed up the wazoo courtesy of the 139.99.217.x network ( Everyone, please meet your new scammers &

The volumes involved are causing emails to be queued for filtering/checking so you may experience some minor delays.

You really need to find a way to notify us. Rather than being notified by our customers that once again the emails are not working and it is the antispam system again.

We have to deal with and manage our customers, who are normally pretty fraught that email is not being sent or received. It is very difficult when we have very limited information from Comodo.

Putting the info on a forum is a total waste of time, I’m not going to spend all day on the forum looking round trying to see if there is an issue or not.

You really need to sort this out guys, it is simply not good enough. Communication is critical especially with the amount of downtime you have had the past two weeks. I understand you will have technical issues and attacks etc but you have to communicate this to us and to your customers and keep us up to date and confident in your ability to deal with the issue.

Hope you understand how important this is? Customers will take decisions out of our hands and move to a different solution if we can’t answer their questions.

Agreed, my IT manager is quite displeased with the lack of communication when these issues arise.

We know - we were hoping to release a fix to this problem this past week where you can define an email address to which we can send delivery delay alerts, but we had some hardware provision issues in our datacenter. This feature ‘should’ be released this coming Thursday 20 August.

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