Another amaizing test, COMODO for the win 100%

;D ;D ;D ;D Nice and amaizing but sense it come from COMODO it’s not suprising :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Check out this test (Watch in 720P):

Thanks :-TU

Nice review. Good to see CIS do a great job. :-TU

Just like Eric said.


liked the way by which he did the review, simple and right to the point :-TU

:-TU Well thumbs up here chaps.The blindingly obvious fact here in this test is that the av caught all the malware, and only once did the sandbox isolate at the same time as the antivirus alert.This just shows how the Av has improved to the point where its up there detection rate wise with the big boys who have been at it much longer, and when Av-comparitives finally gets around to the single product test the effectiveness of Cavs will i am sure be confirmed, and it may well surprise a few people out there, not me though i already know how good it is.

One huge applause here is deserved by Cavs and Melih and the Devs (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) . The knockers of Cavs better watch out Comodo is coming to spoil your party!.Couple this test with god knows how many others which all end up the same, at 100% and now the VB100 AWARD, then Melih and the team should be proud of Cis in all its glory.


Infact what your saying is true but remember DACS isn’t in CIS yet when it’s in CIS then the real AV comes ;D :o

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Why didn’t they use 5.3?

It’s 5.3 It’s just this version of COMODO was announced to be 5.1 so I think the guy got confused :frowning: (By the way 5.1 never actually existed)
Malware samples: 522,634
Industry Average: 97%
Comodo Detection ratio: 97%

Industry average: 62%
Blocking of Malware: 100%

This is some PROTECTION guys!!!

But wait…Valkyrie is yet to come into CIS ;)…its one amazing protection and you know what, it will continue to get better!


I would LOVE to see Valkryrie implemented in CIS. I have been testing some malware to it and the algorithms behind it seems very solid.
As always continue the great work that you and the developers have been doing :wink:

What is valkyrie ???
and shoudn’t dacs be the one to improve detection?

A free online file verdict service “Valkyrie” is formally released today!

So what’s it’s difference from cloud when it’s in COMODO?

Valkyrie is too big to be implemented in CIS as Melih explained in the following quotes (I think Melih made a typo in his reply in the above):

I’m looking forward to Valkyrie’s arrival in CIS but I hope the dynamic detection will have a bigger impact on the final verdict; one of my recent samples was considered safe by Valkyrie’s auto and final verdicts despite being flagged Suspicious+ by the Camas portion of the test:

CAV now detects this sample but it was undetected at the time of the Valkyrie test:

Valkyrie totally failing like this seems to be quite rare but even so I hope this sort of possibility will be taken into account for the CIS implementation. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to detect Rougues because they normally act like a normal binary without doing any damage to the system or doing suspicious actions.
Each AI Have allot algorithms behind it and the best way To analyse them is exactly separate the AI, for example 1 AI is for the Decision Tree, another is for binary strings etc.

The best shot at detecting a file is doing all this, and it is what is already implemented, So I understand the difficulty of detecting rougues.

nice one…somoene who has the understanding of AI and malware analysis :wink:

Thanks Melih.

As always Comodo … best of the best.