Anonymous Web Surfing

I think it would a synergistic approach if Comodo could develop something which will enable us to surf web anonymously. :THNK…using automatically some public IPs

It would be just great :BNC

Think about it friends

I agree - or something like GhostSurf -

… but without the annoying spam emails that tenebril sends.
It would be an excellent idea, if can be done without sacrificing too much speed.

Take a look at ■■■

There are many others available around gaby, but none from Comodo.

I desire for a Comodo product. There were many FWs before Comodo came to scene, but after it is here, your search for the best FW ends here. Similarly I hope that Comodo will develop some thing in the lineof Anon.Web Surf, and we shall have to look no further for any other product.

Just one request, do not include the Launch Pad thing in your programs, if possible.

You have ■■■, and the Tor network. It’s very hard that you could do any better. Seriously, i doubt it.

Maybe a client interface, easy to use, that already does content filering (javascript for example, that can give away your IP even with anonym service). To join Tor.
But this already exists.

Aren’t you asking “how can i do it”? Search the Wilders forum, for ■■■, Tor, Proxomitron, Privoxy, etc., and Paranoid2000, who knows a lot about the subject.
And/or read ■■■’s website, and the FAQ.

I don’t think Comodo should be in this. A whole community already exists. And perfect anonymity does not exist, you can only minimize exposure, and slow down your browsing by doing it (you have to use proxy servers for that).

I agree plus this could be used by the Darkside…

There was a whole community for firewalls before Comodo developed their own. The only way to stay anonymous on the internet is to turn it off. I trust the Comodo product and would put trust in one of their product. The firewall is 5 by 5. The market is short of robust, cohesive platforms. I used ■■■. If you look on their homepage they state they can’t guarantee their own services. I don’t like TOR. GhostSurf is OK - probably the best out there but you have to pay for it. It used to be a one-off cost but it’s gone yearly now.

Just my thoughts.