Annoying pop ups too much

The v3 firewall is great now that most of the bugs have gone but I must complain about the amount of popups when im installing something. 1 would be enough instead of a dozen or more and today when I was installing a game, the game finally loaded and before I could tic the popup the system froze blanc.

Is there any way to turn off these pop ups when im installing games or whatever?

V 2 never behaved like that so why is this one questioning every little microscopic detail?

Its called install mode right on the main GUI. And when you install something and get your first D+ pop up just click installer then you will get a pop up and switching to install mode then click yes. If you enter install mode through the main GUI then everything should go smooth. I am a hardgore gamer and have no issues when I am installing something. I just installed new Nvidia drivers (169.44) and install mode worked fine.

Yes ive found it, installation mode, but does that work for uninstalling aswell?

Yes… (R)