Annoying download pop-up to save "index.php" shows every time I visit a site!

I have been using this browser for a couple years and I love it. I keep most things at default and today, almost every time I go to any website, an annoying pop-up appears that asks me where to save index.php. I always keep my browser on auto-update, so is something screwy going on or maybe some random extension updated itself that might be causing it? I’m stumped…

Hello tesl and thank your for your bug report. Unfortunately this issue is related to a download manager or an video download extension and not to the browser itself. Please try to disable any extension that you might have installed for video downloading or any download manager and see if the problem persists.

Thank you. The problem went away about 2 weeks ago on its own, but I forgot to respond, I apologize. I now have another issue with gmail but I will post in that thread with my experience.