Annoying bug with games.

Hello there,
BOclean seems to have a rather annoying bug with any game that has cd protection like securom etc,
It seems each time when you start up a game it detects a malware in the game protection here is a log.

05/04/2007 16:23:02: C:\DOCUME~1\INFORC~1\LOCALS~1\TEMP\CMDLIN~1.DLL
Trojan horse was found in above file
Logged in user: inforcer007
Active trojan horse was shut down. System now safe.
Trojan horse was removed, registry cleaned.

I tested 3 games
Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
Warcraft III
Diablo II

They all use the same protection, and got the same report as pasted above, however the game loads fine and no cd check errors which is good,
However spysweeper nags each time that BOC423.EXE is trying to modify the hosts file, and ends up deleting the hosts file which is no problem at all the internet still works,
However the problem is that boclean does something to the network settings…
In the network tcp/ip properties where you enter static network info boclean deletes all DNS entries without warning, every time when it detects a threat, as in the game protection, ofcourse this stops all traffic requiring dns so I just add the game to the program exclusion and it stopped happening, but I just hope it does not do this with every threat even non game related its very annoying, is there a possibility to fix this bug in future versions?

SecureRom Su4ks!!! It should be considered a trojan. I think everyone should boycot all securerom games!! But you could try the excluder and might not have the trouble.

inforcer, if you look in BOC’s “configuration”, you can adjust BOC’s cleaning so that it doesn’t clean the things that you do not want cleaned…

to adjust the “configuration”, open BOC’s menu by rightclicking on the icon in the systray, then click “configuration”, then adjust the settings so that boclean will not “clean” the things that you do not want it to “clean”…

there is an online-help file that discusses all of this, also…

Oh wait, even though I read that help file before, I didn’t notice this part

It has come to our attention that a small number of people have configured their home machines to a hard-configured “DNS setting IP address.” From a security standapoint, this is not a good idea as those manual DNS settings are used extensively in malware to redirect victims to places other than where they had intended to surf. It’s ALWAYS best to leave your networking configured for DHCP or “get address automatically.” Despite this being a really bad idea to manually enter this data, some people insist upon doing so. If YOU are in this situation, we strongly advise going to automatic network configuration using DHCP. If you still choose not to, it is IMPORTANT that the “Automatic cleanup of winsock connectivity” box NOT be checked or BOClean will remove those settings when a trojan is found.

Sigh even though it might be better for security DHCP is less stable to use, that’s why most people go static, I guess ill shut off the winsock cleanup …