Annoying blocked aplications

How I unblock my aplication?
Every time I unlock the firewall puts it back in the blocked list.
Ridiculous, provide the option to “unbock” an application if it is not effective.

Because you need to check the HIPS event log to see why it is being blocked.

It’s my antivirus, and so I still do not know how to make permanent my decision for not to block.
I deactivated HIPS until I figured out how to solve the problem, anyway, is this situation still ridiculous if my decisions are not respected because it has a false “unbock” option?

Unblock option does not work for situations when CIS is protecting itself from other applications that are trying to access CIS processes in memory. You need to edit the Comodo Internet Security HIPS rule under protection settings and add the blocked application to the exclusions of interprocess memory accesses.

I’ve tried, but HIPS does not respect the settings I put in.
Anyway, Comodo is good, but HIPS sucks, does not even respect my settings. I turned it off permanently.
I hope someday you’ll correct that. I would love to pay for the program’s license: when it works right.

you can set up your av to allowed app rule in hips settings

To add to futureretech’s comment. We only advice to allow memory access to CIS processes if the program that tries to access CIS processes in memory cannot function without it. That is a rare case. I remember from another decade that some touchpad or mouse software would not function without having access to CIS processes in memory.

Allowing memory access is a huge security risk because it allows the program to take full control over CIS processes.