Annoyed by Comodo v3

i just installed v3 on my machine and im not really happy with it.

since i didnt choose to install defense+ during the installation, why i still get the defense+ feature in comodo’s window? i want to get rid of it.

i must also tell you that i dont like the default skinning you use in comodo and i wish i could disable it and use my os native visual style! please make the skinning as optional in next version and use os default theme.

There is a beta skinning tool available now. Do a search for “CFP skin”.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Its disabled, and its not active. It dosnt matter if it is inside the CPF window, D+ is fully disabled, and will not protect you, or alert you. You will just get the firewall protection, which comes with TCP/IP protection (inbound/outbound protection.)

Is there nothing you are happy with?

I like long walks in the sand and pina coladas. :wink:

I recently came back to Comodo’s firewall after giving up on version 2.x because of the constant pop-ups. I have to say, version 3 is vastly improved. However, I found the defense+ component very annoying - almost as annoying as the popups from version 2.x. It seems that I can’t do anything without being bombarded with defense+ popup windows. I had to disable it. But congratulations on a very much improved firewall. (:CLP)