Annoyance/Problem with creating new popup rules

Hi I am a new user to Comodo V3 and have found it very good so far with just a little annoyance or it maybe a problem. Whenver a program pops up asking to create a firewall rule you have to choose allow, block or always remember as one of the predefined rules. But how do you just create a rule for a singe port or ports that it is trying to access? Instead of selecting one of the predefined rules? In other firewalls you could click on advanced when the popups come and specify the port etc… and then click remember. Don’t see how to do this in Comodo. In Comodo I have to go into the GUI and create the rule myself with the port numbers etc…Is there a way to do it at the firewall alerts screens that pop up?

Hmm no one has anymore information? So basically on a firewall alert screen you cannot specify the port/protocol etc…You can only choose allow/block/or use one of the defined profiles? So to really configure a program you have to go into the GUI create all the rules and do it that way?

Summary/Network Defence/Firewall security level/Click on the level you have it set to.
To change alerts (select tab Alert Settings)
Move slider up to specify port/protocol in the Alert.