Announcement: COMODO Firewall Pro BETA Released [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Firewall Pro

What’s New ?

1 - New! Installation wizard
2 - New! Defense+ made optional during the installation
3 - New! Trusted Software Vendors : CFP can now validate digitally signed applications from trusted vendors
4 - New! Introduced a new default configuration
5 - New! Options to permanently disable Defense+ and Firewall logging
6 - Improved! Firewall engine made more friendly for the users of P2P applications
7 - Numerous number of bug fixes : Such as High CPU consumption while using P2P applications

Known Issues:

1 - Windows Internet Connection Sharing is not compatible with CFP 3,
2 - Detection of the DoS attacks has not been activated yet
3 - Previous versions will not be automatically updated to this version

Notes :
This is the last planned beta release before the public release and release candidates.

Download Locations

For 32 bit Operating Systems,

For 64 bit(AMD64 only) Operating Systems,


[b]Edit by Moderator[/b] [b]Please DO remember to post in these Topics[/b]

Please DO remember to add those informations to all Bugreports you post .

[ol]- Windows Version/Bit and Service Packs

  • Your realtime Antivirus/version,Spyware remover/Version, other Security Software/Version
  • Affected Driver/Software and Version (if the bug doesn’t affect window itself)
  • Brief description of the problem (Attach Diagnostic report or crash dumps if needed)
  • Steps to reproduce the bug (if applicable)
  • Gmer report (download) Only BSODs affecting 32bit platforms[/ol]

Has this critical issue been fixed yet? I hope so…

Great news, can’t wait to test it. :BNC

Thanks!!! Comodo, keeping good work!!!

Wow, I’m going to try it at once!



Have have been waiting anxiously since the 13th

Downloading now


It’s great to hear this is the last planned Beta.

This is great news. :BNC :BNC


Your cries has been answered here:

Therefore I close this thread.

HAAAHAHAAAAA that was fast! XD

Also, disable fw logging is awesome. Whenever I’d be blocking some 10 intrusion attempts a second my harddrive would go berserk!

Does this beta allow Vista updates again? I had to uninstall the last beta since this was a rather large hole. Hopefully this will be filled and everything will be right with the world again. This is such an awesome product guys. Thanks a ton.

Hey Guys
All I can say is, this is the best FW on the market. Last night I bought Outpost Security Suite and wasn’t very happy with its performance and have asked for a refund. Today I thought I would try this new beta and the resources are much lower than the above mentioned (theirs @ 15-20 mg AND cfp @ 5-6mg). CFP is also far more configurable and very stable and extremely powerful and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this program. I hope over the next few days that eveything works ok. Melih, you and your staff deserve a great big congradulations for a job well done and I can’t wait to try the full version.
Well done all of you and the people who give their comments to make this the best there is.
(B) (:CLP)

Wait… ‘AMD64 only’? What are people running Vista 64-bit on Intel processors supposed to do?

not to be overly helpful, but ‘Despair’? (:KWL)

I think you got to use the older version, guess they’ll fix support for Intel 64-bit on this BETA or in the next release.


I could never get the older version to even run.

I installed the AMD64 version it actually installed and went smooth, but I had to manually launch the firewall on restart.

Eh… forget it… 10,000 configurations and prompts later I finally get it to allow a few things to run, including Avira, and Avira pwned it hard. Probably thought it was malicious; it looked like CPF tried to access the Avira configuration, which is a no-no. Either way, CPF 3 seems bulky, confusing and it’s still broken on the last beta stage; I might give it another go on the next release, but I doubt it. I don’t know what’s wrong with the Comodo group but support for their user-base, not imagined user-base, is going to have to occur before I take them seriously again. They used to be in A1 shape… sigh

Why are you blaming them for you doing something they told you not to do? There is a reason egemen said AMD64 only yet you still try it? The hips is probably incompatible with intel 64 so you get too many alerts. If you did not even install the hips along than obviously there is the issue. The firewall does not give near as many alerts as you say. As for your userbase comment, check my thread at wilders. Some of the replies were guys who tried the previous beta and now love it because comodo took the time to listen to what their users want.

First of all, if it says AMD 64 only, don’t try it on Intel.

It’s probably because of Avira’s heuristic scanning. You’ll need to add it to the exception list.
And I don’t think it’s trying to change Avira’s configuration, possible blocking Avira from modifieng protected files or registry or something else.


thanks Shadha :slight_smile:

Imagine this, this baby will only get better!


Windows Vista doesn’t startup after install…
used msconfig in safe-mode to stop comodo from starting and Vista started up again
thought that it could be related to defense+…
son in safe-mode i started comodo and shutdown defense+, bingo… vista started up right

after a while i figured that i should have defense+ running, so I manually altered some programs defined as “ask…”, now every thing works alright.

windows vista home premium, latest updates and drivers
avast! 4 home

when i get home from my university(different city) I’ll try my webcam, sure hope I won’t have to install its drivers once again :wink: (bug from previews beta versions)

everything else is working great :wink: great job Comodo

well, my runs nicely, is there any benefit in installing this one? Except for the minor changes, off course.