.ANI cursors vulnerability in Vista

Check this out mates: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/advisory/935423.mspx
Old vulnerability but it still works on every PC in our office, except mine, due to one little proggy :slight_smile:
This vulnerability affects even Windows Vista, but not CMG hehe :slight_smile: The detectin’ screenshot from Vista is attached. I like the title of MS Vista: “Vista - feel secured” :Beer

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Thats pretty cool, thanks Tyler. I think I may give this little proggy another try.


LOL. Feel secured - don’t actually be secured, just feel like you are.

Even more LOL. Who isn’t running the full complement of Comodo security software? Melih will start tapping the SMITE key on his keyboard.

Buffer overflow is a vulnerability that widely affect us all, yet people don’t really understand what it is and there are no good solutions out there, apart from CMG :slight_smile: (and free).

Literally, BO is one of the biggest problems in security today!


Does the current v3 beta firewall already protects us in Vista 64 (and 32)?

No, CMG is not in the CFP right now, it will be there after beta-testin’