Android 2.1 Lock Screen with PIN

I am using android 2.1. I would like to lock the screen with a pin or password. However, in Settings > Location and Security, there are only two related items: Set unlock pattern and Require pattern. How can i set a pin? BTW the phone is not rooted.

The phone is Acer beTouch E130. People all over the net say three options are available in android2.1. However, there is one thread where an OP says his client has this very problem. He said that upgrade to 2.2 was available so he would try to see it that prob persisted after the upgrade (and the thread just did not continue after that). Unfortunately upgrade is not available in my case (I already upgraded from 1.6 to 2.1), unless I root the phone or what.

Also, are there any disadvantages in rooting the phone?


XDA Forums is possibly a better place to ask this as they are strictly mobile devices and ROM/kernel development and help.


But I dont think the forum is worth the while. I tried to search for Acer E130 on that, and almost all related posts / questions go unanswered for a long long time even after numerous “bumps”. Maybe this particular phone is not popular? My thread on also goes unanswered for a long time.

BTW, has anyone have any experience with Android 2.1? If so, does it have the three unlock options?