An unsuppored operation was attempted

I went through the trouble shooters and forums but only 1 post on this subject,
though his was a different “problem”.

I downloaded the Vista x64 version of the firewall,, not once but three times in case one was corrupted.
I started the installation.
It got to the the Welcome to Comodo etc installer etc (the 2nd windows if I recall correctly).
I clicked on Next to start the actual installation, however, every time I get this :-

“An unsuppored operation was attempted”.
That is as far as I get.

I do not have a previous installation of Comodo firewall, nor do I have another firewall running or removed.

ASUS P5E motherboard.
nVidia 8800 GTS graphics card.
Intel DUO 8500 CPU
Antec 650 watts PSU
SATA II hard drive.
8gb Corsair DDR2 ram


Hi thegenius, welcome to the forums.

Was there any associated messages in the Windows event logs? What other security applications do you have installed?

Also can you post a screen shot of the “unsupported operation” error? Thanks.