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Following presents one of views from staff to describe PrivDog ( product:

Introducing PrivDog

PrivDog protects you as you browse the Internet by stopping websites including uninvited guests when you connect to their server, and unknown to you, connecting to other unknown servers.

You can download your copy of PrivDog here:

Here are more detailed descriptions of the product from people who worked on it, starting with me.

Shane McGillian: “What is PrivDog
Introducing PrivDog, a powerful mew privacy tool to compliment your Dragon’s existing privacy improvements.

Just like an AntiVirus treats files as viruses, PrivDog treats files on the internet as privacy and potential security risks. An AntiVirus program only allow safe files to run and similarly PrivDog prevents certain files from running in your browser.

As is well known, the best way to stay safe on the web is to only connect your computer to well known reputable sites, however, more and more there are security risks even doing that. When you visit a site, let’s say, your intention was to only visit that site as you know it’s credibility, however, in reality sites like this use Advertising Networks to show advertisements. These Ad Networks often then deliver ads from other advertisers. This leads to a situation where your computer will unwittingly and unintentionally connect to several of the ever-increasing unknown ad servers. These are effectively uninvited guests to the website and pose a security threat to your system. The content they show is decided dynamically at the time the ad is downloaded to your computer and is not vetted in advance by the web page authors of and therefore cannot be considered to have the same level of trust and credibility. PrivDog ensures that only sanitized ads from a safe source are shown and prevents your computer from connecting to all these uninvited and unknown servers.

PrivDog is designed to protect your privacy but you can’t have real privacy without security. PrivDog goes further than regular privacy protection tools and ads a layer of security by blocking these potential threats.

An ever increasing problem seen on today’s websites is large, intrusive and CPU hungry advertisements. Many of these advertisements have large numbers of frames using up your bandwidth causing the website content you visited the site for to appear last and slowing down your browsing experience. The larger number of frames eats into your CPU time and slows down your browser and even effects other applications running on your computer and the speed of the operating system itself. More and more we are seeing large and intrusive full page pop-up ads appear inside pages stopping you dead in your tracks until you locate the tiny close button often deliberately hard to find. PrivDog sanitizes all your ads and prevents all these problems from occurring in the first place speeding up your system and improving your browsing experience.

Adobe Flash advertisements are prevalent on today’s websites. The use of Flash has come under ever increasing scrutiny from the computing industry due to is resource hungry and privacy breaching video. Flash advertisements use a lot of bandwidth and can be intrusive. In addition the use of Flash allows advertisers to employ the use of something called Flash cookies or supercookies. Many people today see super cookies as one of the web’s biggest threats to user privacy. Blocking or clearing your browser’s cookies will have no effect on super cookies. PrivDog prevents Flash advertisements from being shown and prevents these Flash cookies from being stored in the first place.

Ever seen those comment boxes below a photo from a new site, seems safe enough right? You may be surprised to hear many of these social comments boxes use technologies that track your movements around the internet and the data is used to profile you.”

Benefits of PrivDog:

Using PrivDog will give you the following benefits:

  • Sanitized and safe advertisements.

  • Blocks trackers and statistic.

  • Protects your privacy by blocking 3rd Party Widgets

  • Blocks 3rd Party Cookies

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