An option to set CIS to automatically purge HIPS/Firewall/Trusted Files.


I have a suggestion, although a rather low-priority one.

How about an option in CIS to automatically purge HIPS/Firewall rules and Trusted Files List every X hours? (If the computer is shut down at the point the purge should have taken place, then it will run the purge at the next time the computer starts) (I’d personally set it to every 24 hours)

Sanya IV

Yes Sanya. As an option which is off by default, it could be useful



+1 Yes, like mouse1 said, if is optional then yes. This auto-purge function is what I loved on Privatefirewall, it makes life easier some time :slight_smile:

+1 Love this feature to include in HIPS, Firewall and Trusted Files. Have an option to schedule it on regular basis (eg. After nth system restart, weekly, monthly, etc).

They pile up and may cause slow-down if you don’t take notice for century.

As Mouse said, optional, off by default