An old Kerio user...


   I've avoided Vista mainly because, last time I checked, there was no decent 3rd party app firewall support.  Just got a Fujitsu U810 w/ Vista, before I wiped it off, figured I play w/ it a little.  Installed Comodo, no problems.

Quick question: I’ve used Kerio 2.15 (old, I know) on all my 2k/xp boxes, and it’s been good to me. One of the things I loved about it was the ability to create rules on the fly, i.e. when a process attempts to communicate for the first time, you allow/deny/create rule which brings you right to the dialog where you can specify allowable source/destination ip’s, ports, etc

I don’t see this functionality in the Comodo alert dialog. Am I missing something, or, alternatively is there a quick way to define a rule as the process is attempting to connect?

Thanks for all help.

Not quite the same as Kerio you can change Network Defense on Summary tab to Custom Policy Mode and raise the Alert level to high or Very High.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try to clarify. In either training or custom policy mode, the rule created by “remember my answer” is either all or nothing, What I’m trying to achieve is an event-triggered rule creation option that will load the rule w/ the parameters of the event, i.e. allow tcp out to on port 3389, etc. etc.

If you start with a policy that denies everything not explicitly allowed (like I do), this is a huge timesaver when setting up your rules for trusted processes.

If this functionality doesn’t exist in Comodo, I’d think it would be pretty handy for more folks than just me…

I’ll be happy to beta test it as a new feature (:WAV)

In Custom Policy Mode you have to set the Alerts second tab to Very High to get this allow tcp out to on port 3389