An item COMODO should add to "Firewall w Defence +" Come on in n take the Poll.

First of all I’d just like to say “WOO HOO” (R)

(:WAV) I think a very good option to add to “Firewall w Defence +” would be to have a----“File”----“Right Click”----“Send To”----option that would automaticly send a “Suspicious File” to COMODO (:CLP)

What do you think? Step up and be heard. Take the Poll above and make your opinion count.

(:WAV) Come on guys 88) as of this date 133 people have read my first post but only 9 people have taken the poll one of the 9 being myself ??? If ya got the time to read it ya got the time to take the poll (R)

You have 7 now and most agree. You could add it to the wish list. I would prefer a submit to CIMA(Comodo Instant Malware Analysis). Any file sumbited to this is analyzed and sent to the analysts.


Why don’t you add it to the wish list

Thanks, i"ve added to the wish list including a link to this poll.