An internet option on the front end of the firewall task panel and widget

1. What actually happened or you saw:

Network connectivity confusion as to where to disconnect/connect the network aka internet from within the application

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

A button on the widget face and a button on the secure interface to stop or turn on the internet showing the user network state as red or green when the user forgets the situation.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

The options right there in front of the user for a quick, clean and effortless nuclear option to disconnect and, it will alert the user if they forget they shut the network off later on with that red alert, the internet option is off.

4. Any other information:

On the widget have a button to turn on or off the internet with the button a bright green being on and bright red being off.

An off and on button for the internet on the front panel of the secure firewall interface that the user can opt when the secure panel is open.

That button should show green the internet is connected, red the internet is off, disconnected.

As it is now, the user has to open the secure panel and click task and click the firewall task option and click the stop network activity.

You can right click the System Tray icon and choose Firewall->Block All to turn the Internet off. It would be nice to have the colors change to indicate on or off as you suggest.

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The option exists, however new users would take some time to find the main GUI program

I like the one click to get it down method over click, click, click to see if the software is the suspect. Some users may not have the capacity to know right up, they forgot to turn the network back on and without a visual aid, will go through time consuming network interface fixes after raising the heart rate and hypertension.

Please provide more details. Do consider replication steps.

Thank you.

Since stopping all internet traffic with CIS is more of a power user feature i dont think it would be a good idea to have that option front and center for all users to use. I can already see many users activating this (not knowing what it is) and getting frustrated that their internet no longer works.

Maybe when the block all internet traffic is enabled it can change the tray icon like gaming mode. If you think this is a better option please create a new wish.

Just to clarify i understand you want is an easy to activate the stop all internet traffic, correct?

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Thank you.