An image editor like

Well, as I’m unable to install (error on install) I’m looking for something else

Any sujestions ? Freeware preferred, but it doesn’t have to be :wink:


Maybe you don’t have .NET Framework 88)

Anyway, check out this maybe:

I know there’s some more similar program but right now I can’t remember its name. I may check back later.

Yeah, I already figured out why it was. I needed some service enabled :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway, I’ll look at that app :slight_smile:


Finally I found it:;msg168974#msg168974

Oh , you did all the work for me ?

How nice of you (:HUG)




Don’t feel obliged to use it though. I was just curious if I could actually find what I was thinking of. It was sort of a memory exercise. (:LGH)

You may want to try this:!DD6A18B7AA0972F4!897.entry say (error on install)?
wtf? how u did it?

I think I’m going to install Paint.NET. I need a replacement for my trusty licenced Corel PhotoPaint 7 (for Windows 95 which doesn’t even support the PNG format). 88) I installed Gimp since everybody talked about it, but it disappointed me. I guess it can do everything I need, but I can’t find where! I never read any manual for Corel PhotoPaint and yet I could find all the options I needed intuitively enough; in Gimp I can find none. I’ll try Paint.NET.

What I need is: color management (change RGB to palette: optimized, adaptative), GIF animations, transparencies, effects (such as pixelize), rotate, pixel by pixel retouching, etcetera etcetera. I just can’t believe Gimp doesn’t have these options but I just can’t find almost any of them, so I’m not liking the interface, and I’m sure it has lots of Photoshop clone stuff I don’t need. I could always stick with Corel.

Any advice? Where to find these options in Gimp? Can Paint.NET do these jobs? ???

THX in advance :SMLR

Here are a couple of links for GIMP tutorials.
GIMP can do everything but your laundry, It’s just the learning curve of where to find the
functions you are used to from other apps.

Also from the following link you need to get separately the GAP (GIMP animation package)
and the GIMP Help file if you haven’t already.

Hope this helps get you going full steam in short order.


Thanks… I’ll try harder