An idea for virus definitions...

Hi, why don’t you use the clamav virus definition, it is GPL but doesn’t have realtime and email scanner. ClamAV database is very rich!


It is a whole different antivirus and cannot use somebody elses definitions.

Unless Comodo purchase the definitions from the company. :stuck_out_tongue: The virus database in Comodo soo far doesn’t make CAV an effective antivirus for personal use just yet. However, only time will tell. :wink:

I tested ClamAV over a year ago and it was really not that good. One of the main problems was its lack of a decryptor for polymorphic viruses. I haven’t tested it more recently, mainly because I no longer have time, but also because I sent them all the samples of viruses that weren’t detected which would invalidate any further tests.

One of the problems with using ClamAV for any anti-virus product is that it is licensed under the GPL, which means that the source code of anything that uses it must also be licensed under the GPL.

Hi…just wanted to share my thoughts on Comodo having a virus definition option. Our company has a branch located in a province…it’s a remote place, and doesn’t have a phone line to update its antivirus. If Comodo has a virus definition, I could at least save it on a disk or CD, and update our Comodo virus def. Does Comodo have such an option? If so, could u tell me what site I could download for updates please? I need it pretty badly. Thank you very much.

Sorry to be dense, but if you cannot get the virus definitions updated online, what do you need an anti-virus program for? No connection means no email or downloads or browsing. A connection means online updates. What’s wrong with this picture?


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