An IceDragon test and review

I don’t read Dutch but here is the review.

I translated the summary of the review. (Google)

[i]"Comodo IceDragon achieves a very good report. In three of our tests we did, usually very narrowly, to score better than Mozilla’s Firefox browser known. The difference is usually small, is no disgrace. It is particularly impressive that the difference invariably works out positively for IceDragon underdog, especially since he still runs at a slightly older version than Firefox. Or maybe that is just the reason.

IceDragon is not only a sound alternative to Firefox in terms of performance, features also make it even more interesting. Quickly share and search text or images are a real added value, and also the additional security offered Comodos’s Site Inspector tool, is only a plus for those who doubt the reliability of a website. If Firefox is ever having a problems due to updates, and you have trouble, then IceDragon is the right place."[/i]

*slightly edited translation for differences/errors.