An error occurred while setting the schedule (again)

I’ve tried scheduling a backup in 4.1.4 on Windows Server 2003. I get the message “An error occurred while setting the schedule. The schedule has not been set.”

I’ve seen a couple of other messages on this thread with attached fix executables, however I’m on 32 bit and the 32 bit fix is giving a file not found error on download. Plus it’s a couple of years old anyway so probably not a good idea to be reverting to.

Task Scheduler is running and I can add tasks manually. I note that when adding a task manually, I have to provide the username and password of the user under whose credentials the task is to be run- even if it’s as myself (logged in as administrator). I note a forum post elsewhere (Redirecting)where it’s mentioned that MS have added a requirement that all tasks must explicitly be run as an administrative user and must have credentials supplied when the task is specified.

Comodo has no way I can see of providing these credentials. Yet it’s dated more recently than the article I’ve linked to. So what am I missing?

Thank you for reporting this.
We are aware of the problem, we will provide posibility to provide windows account username and password to run a task whether user is logged in or not, in a future release.

Until then, you can avoid this by setting the schedule to run as “Manual”, then create a schedule in Windows Task Scheduler to run the manual schedule using schedule command line syntax .