An Appell to Comodo


I love Comodo Internet Security!

I am developing Control Systems for the industry. I make a living from my computer, not from installing and maintaining the software that makes it go around.

Obviously, I need a way to protect my computer from attacks. I have tried several packages:

  • Norton IS: Ditched due to too high load on my system.
  • AVG 6.5: Ditched due to several issues: Issues I Plead Comodo to avoid. See below

I had several licenses of AVG installed on several real and Virtual Computers where I use LabView ( as a developing Platform. LabView uses a lot of ports, and it take some time to set up the firewall rules!

Before my license period ended, AVG decided to FORCE med to upgrade to another version of their firewall with Completely revamped GUI. To top it off, I would haveto reinstall from scratch and teach the firewall ALL the Rules over again in a new unfamiliar GUI.

There was NO WAY I could afford to use time on this! AVG was ditched, and I installed Comodo. End of Story.

Lessons to learn for Software Providers?

Well, they all think that we are SO keen to get new revamped UI every 6 to 12 months. Maybe this is cool if you are using your computer as an amusement park. NOT “cool” at all for people, like me, that make a living from keeping the PC running and using it to get Paid work done !

SO, I Plead: Keep the UI stable, with minimal changes.

I love the UI as it is! It is Functional and keep me in Control !

I think that people that makes a living from their PC have NO problem paying for software, but will ditch it as soon as the “change frequency” goes up.

That is my 2 cents of feedback !

Many people dislike the GUI, and say it isn’t friendly for newbie users.

I too hope, once CIS 4 goes out, that CIS 3 will continue to be supported, and we won’t be forced to update.

Though I probably will be updating. :stuck_out_tongue:

There will be minimal changes in the GUI of v4. Further down the v4 line there will be a big change in the GUI though.

The guy also mentions having to re-enter is rules.

If a company doesn’t provide a migration path they are not serious. Don’t give a f… about their customers

I such case dropping them as a supplier is the only logical thing to do.

I’m sure Comodo will provide a smooth migration to the new GUI, converting rule base if required.

But adding features doesn’t have to mean the GUI has to be too complicated for newbies or leaving current users confused.

Look at the Iphone.

I see non-technical people do things with their phone I know should be possible too with my nokia but can’t.

Their manual is still in the plastic foil it came in

A interface thought through from start to finish.

I wont say next version has to be like that, but do not say it is not possible.

Keep it as an ultimate goal.

Cheers, bogus