AMTSO cannot tell me if I am protected against Phishing Page-infections

I use Comodo Internet Security 6.3 and in that program Comodo Secure DNS (as described here: Secure DNS Services - No Hardware, Software Required | Internet Security v6.2) but when I try to verify if I am actually protected from malware by going to AMTSO Security Features Check Tools - AMTSO (test no 4) I am told that there are two possibilities:

A. protection against Phising Pages is not configured right or
B. Comodo Internet Security does not support this AMTSO feature Settings Check.

What can I do to check if my DNS settings actually protect me against Phishing Page infections? Are there other ways of testing this?

Steef Scheepers, Holland

Do not bother answering my query. I thought of searching all Comodo forums for “AMTSO” and that answered all my questions.