AMD Spider platform

What do you guys think of AMD Spider platform and of the Phenom CPUs?

I will be building a workstation quite soon.

Or do you guys think that 2 Intel Xeon CPUs on a Asus Z7S would be better?

I guess it would be better to wait for Intel Core i7 (Nehalem)

Thanks :wink:

For what I could see such CPU will only come out next year. ■■■■, not sure if I can wait that long. :-\ >:-D

Good news always bring bad news, I guess.

I got this tip from a trusted source ;D

Many people had asked when the first Nehalem-based processors were going to be available. For those who have been watching, Intel confirmed today that the initial processors based on this new architecture began shipping to customers in Q3, and we will officially launch the new (Core i7) products next month.

But I guess the initial costs will be way high and in addition there is always a chance that the initial steppings will have some glitches.

At least you can wait until the core i7 availability increase to get price cuts on other CPUs/platforms. :-TU

So, November, it seems. Not so distant. Quite there, actually. :wink:

My idea is to build a workstation for Multimedia (3d rendering, etc). So, a eight core system would be welcome, hence I thought, either amd phenom or intel xeon. Actually, the main hardware configuration list I started includes 2 Intel Xeons.

For what I can see here ( Intel | Data Center Solutions, IoT, and PC Innovation ), this sort of CPU will also be available for servers, so I’m guessing there will be motherboards for 2 CPUs that accept this one.

Let us see how it evolves.

( I also considering of building a cluster using a laptop and a Playstation 3 for multimedia, but I don’t think that it would work out)


I don’t know much about pricey configurations but maybe an 8 core system isn’t really needed.
You can have a performance boost for server environments that require running multiple services but if you need to booost performance of a specific app then that app need to be specifically developed to use multicore setups.

On the other hand I guess there will be an increase of general system responsiveness.

I guess you may be interested in MaxForce Reviewed: 3-Way SLI and 4 GHz+ or Three High-End Gaming Systems

Also Dual-Core Versus Quad-Core: Part 2 : Can Intel’s Dual Core Beat AMD’s Quad could provide an interesting read.

AMD is cheaper and has good quality… Intel is more expensive but is good quality and performance… Intel is now better, but AMD will be better than Intel soon…

If you care about good perofrmance, quality junction I say go for amd… amd takes better care of energy also… in conjunction to Intel to similar cpu’s

It looks like the initial CPU will feature four core doubled to 8 using hyperthreading.
I can’t wait to se 6 or 8 core CPUs ;D

It looks full overclocking (multiplier unlocking) is only possibe on top end Intel Core i7 (Nehalem)

Editor’s Corner: Overclocking Core i7

although there are few chances for other Core i7
UPDATE: Core i7: Blazing Fast, O/C Changes

Yes, it seems so. The top end CPU must be way too expensive, though. >:-D Maybe a Xmas discount offer?

I guess that there could be discounts but only on the 920 and 940 models but a limited promotion on the 955 cannot be excluded.

Sure the price gap is enormous. (nearly an 80% increase for each model) :-\

Core i7 965 Extreme $999 Core i7 940 $562 Core i7 920 $284

Intel Core i7 Prices Now Available :-\

[quote=Intel Core i7 Prices Now Available | Tom's Hardware]

[tr][td]Prices as of November 17th.[/td][td]Intel Core i7-920[/td][td]Intel Core i7-940[/td][td]Intel Core i7-965 EE[/td][/tr]
[tr][td] [/td][td]$319.99[/td][td]$599.99 [/td][td]$1,069.99[/td][/tr]
[tr][td] [/td][td]$329.99 [/td][td]$649.99[/td][td]$1,099.99 [/td][/tr]
[tr][td][/td][td]$329.99 [/td][td]$622.92[/td][td] $1,099.99 [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Intel Bulk Price [/td][td]$284 [/td][td]$562 [/td][td]$999[/td][/tr]

I was just looking over the i7-965
If you are using a GTX-280 SSC video card with a fast (3.2G or faster) Quad Core, I don’t see any advantage of getting the new Intel CPU at this time.
But, I haven’t read any benchmarking testings yet.

I didn’t see any advantage above the P4 and I guess I can bear to wait for two-three additional years (I don’t like Vista either) ;D

Anyway it looks like multicore CPUs are now a baseline feature and thus most new application will take advanage of this leveraging on the benefits of SMP applications.
CGCPU programming is making its debut too and overall it looks like the innovations will provide a great deal of features that will improve the enduser experience. :-TU

I’m hoping for good things with the new Windows OS due out next year.

Yeah, either that or their will be a quick win7Lite for it. :slight_smile:

Those CPUs are already for sale here. They’re too expensive! I’ll see if the Core 2 Quad price will decrease by Xmas. Or even if the Intel Xeon 5400 series will also decrease prices. I hope so!!!

Why are they always so expensive? Do they think: 99% of people are rich, so lets charge them big time!!! ? :THNK

NO, Many years ago companies decreased priices when sales dropped.
Now they raise prices to try and make up the difference from those few, who really want their product and are willing to spend the asking price.

New Products and innovations usually take 6 months to a year before prices drop.


Prices on the quads has already dropped by half since initial release.

Not in here, mate! That’s all I am concerned with!!! >:-D :a0

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