AMD’s Phenom II in 2009

Seems it wiil rock, no?

I’ve been an AMD fanboy, but even saying that, it looks like things are going to be tough for them, honestly they dug themselves in a hole thinking their ATI division would get them out, when they are a CPU company no less. With their new plans and the manufacturing plants no longer being owned or maintained by them, it has certainly reduced their costs, so now let’s see what they can produce.

i’ll keep my AMD Phenom 9950 2.6GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-Core Black Edition



I’ve always liked AMD. The only problem with them was that the Opteron CPU came with some sort of bug… don’t quite recall the history… but that was what “killed” a bit or more than just a bit. Other reason is that Intel, as always, as the money for a great research and development and the most important thing in any business - strong advertisement power.

One factor was that bug. The other one is and will always be, IMHO, power advertisement. No way AMD can beat Intel in this field.

But, AMD processors are worth of the money we pay for them, even if lower than Intel’s equal CPU. I was thinking on building an Intel system, but I reconsidered and will be building an AMD one. :slight_smile:

I’m really hoping AMD will pull through, they are the only major competition for Intel, let’s get real, S3 is for very low power systems, which Intel is beginning to compete in more with their Atom, but without AMD they will have a monopoly on the desktop market, and they are beginning to go in to the graphics market to, if AMD tanks then ATI will as well and then that only leaves Nvidia.

That’s great! Hopefully the market reception will be good and AMD can start to actually compete again.

Indeed, it took them some time, but AMD is starting to show their game face again ;D