Amazing Software CTM

Just tested Avast & PandaCloud with zeroday malware & CTM 2.9 beta installed on real system & ran every piece of zeroday malware.

After test restored the system & no traces of anything, clean system.

Going to format the system after few days so thought lets try this.


Yes, Ctm is great for getting the system back to its original state, after an attack by the dreaded malware…but.Its been shown in tests by previous forum members that certain rootkits prevail after reboot.Comodo devs said many months ago this will be fixed, but maybe we will have to wait until version 3 comes out in March this year. The only apps that seem to be watertight when it comes to these Rootkits seem to be Shadow Defender and Sandboxie.The problem with shadow defender is certain versions cause missing icons in the tray and other bugs, and as newer versions of different software come out the development should continue in order to keep things compatible with each other… sad thing with Shadow Defender is its not being developed anymore, unlike Sandboxie and Tzuk being busy continously keeping it up to date and fixing bugs and incompatibility problems.

I am so happy to know that Comodo have not forgotten about Ctm, as we have clammmered for its development to continue and low and behold the dying fly with its legs in the air, appears to be ready to rise like Lazarus from the grave.


I am liking this.

Anyone running the stable version on Win 7 64 Bits?

Whats your opinion about Stable CTM 2.8 on Win 7 64 Bits?

I’m running CTM2.9 BETA on Win7 64bit without a problem. I actually prefer the 2.9 BETA to the 2.8 Release - slower when restoring but far more stable.

This is the first program I put on a new system. :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Ewen :slight_smile:

So it’s running fine on 64bit OS?

Correct - running without an issue.

Thanks for the conforming. It’s on my machine

Let us know what you think.

I’ve only run it in VMware (it won’t install on my real system because I am running TruCrypt) and it works perfectly.
I use it like ‘naren’ - to back-up my system after it gets infected while testing other AVs and FWs
…which will go un-named.

For the record, I never need to use it after testing CIS…or SandboxIE.

The stable CTM latest gives error & cannot be installed on XP SP3.

The error is something like operating system cannot be read.

Any info/solution?

I have it installed on XP SP3. I suspect you have another issue that isn’t allowing you to install the application.

It working smooth like in the 32bit version :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to be leaking information but Razvan said he will have a new CTM version for us to play with in March…:slight_smile:


Will there be a release version of 2.9 beta?

CTM 3.0 I would say

2.9 beta will see a release version or Melih means in march there will be a completely new improved CTM beta & therefore 2.9 will be dropped?

I think so; if the incoming CTM is completely new I see no reason to keep the old 2.9 name for the new version

Thank you for not leaking information… 8) :smiley:

Surely looking forward to giving the new and improved CTM a spin…

You’re not the only one Eric :slight_smile: