Am I 've Been Hacked ??? [Resolved]

Hi guys !!!

This day when I downloaded a file with my Fresh Downloader from an official web site, I viewed the Firewall Connection Activities and it reported another application with the ports outbounded transmitting ( it must have been the fdgo.exe and, instead of it , it appeared the xmplay.exe ) The amount of data transmitted were normal .
I have made a complete scan with my antivirus and it did not report anything strange.

Is this a bug of Comodo Firewall ? Or am I 've been hacked ?
If someone could help me I’d be very gratefull.



Did you install xmplay earlier to play music files ? (
It appears that there is a plugin for realplayer also so maybe that’s why it is started.

Could be you “browser” plugins are unsecure and you got a driveby download…

I recommend you check out the Secunia Personal Software inspector (
It tells you exactly which software is insecure on your system en how you can update it to be “secure” with the latest vendor version available.



Thank you very much indeed , Ronnie - I was using several types of real audio plugins on different mp3 players ( xmplay, quintessential player and winamp ) that were probably the cause of this incident - Thanks again and good luck


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