Am I using the right Virus Signature Database Version ....?

Hi All,
Do anybody here please tell me the right link to download the Virus Signature Database, I mean the bases.cav file.

I got two links while searching :



If I download the file using 1st link the size of file is 133.05 MB while if I download using the 2nd link the size is 131.62 MB

I also tried but it not works. But works and the file size is same as that of 2nd link at the time of this writing.

I have 2 queries :

  1. My CIS Product Version is 5.3.174622.1216. Which link should I use ?
    Plz note that I have a very slow internet connection. I have to download it from cyber cafe.

2)What do you think 40, 51, 52, 53 in the above links indicate ?


I would use this link : since this is the download link from Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022

Valentin N

I suggest you download the file on the 5.3 path I’ll check with Dev’s why there if a difference.
Any reason not to upgrade to 5.3.x.1236 besides the 35MB download?

The exact path of the Virus Signature Database i.e. bases.cav which CIS 5.3.174622.1216 downloads or updates from is This I have found by using Avira Premium WebGuard. It scans all the URLs an application/ browser is connecting to.

So, anyone guessed the reason for the difference in file size as given in Comodos database page Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022 from that of

I think I am already using the latest CIS version. See Comodo Internet Security Release Notes with Version Updates

The page is still not updated :cry:

Read this post here to see what’s fixed in between

This procedure is updated to support the compressed base download also.
Save’s a few bits

In general one should download v4 database if you use v4 version.
If your running v5 you should not load v4 databases as you might be missing v5 features.