Am I doing something wrong with CPIL test?...[newbie first post]

…my v3 firewall doesn’t seem to passing the leak test. (:SAD)

Can someone help me out? It would be much appreciated.

Here’s what i am running.

  1. Vista 32X

  2. Comodo v3(latest version). Advanced install option taken to select defense + and also to select option for p2p user (part of install config).

  3. Defense+ is disabled becasue i am running the latest personal Avira anti virus application. Previously, before i downloaded Avira, defense+ was installed and was enabled from the beginning (leak test still didn’t work though).

  4. Firewall is set to Train with safe mode.

  5. Windows firewall completely disabled.

I have run CPIL test (running tests 1-3), all fail (manage to transfer data to comodo website)or don’t respond at all. Unfortunately my knowledge from this point onwards is minimal, i haven’t got a clue as to whether something is wrong with my setup and if so, how to remedy it!

Again any help would be greatly appreciated as i’d rather comodo firewall be running on my computer than anything else.

you got Defence+ disabled - you fail all leaktests :-))) turn on D+ :-))) D+ ain’t no AV, it’s a HIPS, you can run that along with AV :-)))

With Defense+, you should run your AV and when you get the pop-up, select the “Treat this program as…” button and choose “Trusted Program” from the drop-down. Depending on the AV, you may have to put CFP on its Safe/Ignore/Trusted list or whatever they have that will prevent the AV from scanning CFP. You will see a bunch of “Learning…” balloons to begin with, and for most people, they are just a distraction. You can get rid of them by clicking Miscellaneous>Settings>General tab and unchecking the “Show the balloon messages” box. Without the Defense+ component, there are pieces missing from the Firewall, so it will not pass all leak tests.

Thanks Burillo & Anotherone, it’s working perfectly now.