Always Sandbox Tor Browser issue

hi guys,

i wanted to Sandbox Tor Browser.

Three applications start when i run Tor\Tor Browser[b]Start Tor Browser.exe[/b]

  • Tor\Tor Browser\App[b]vidalia.exe[/b]
  • Tor\Tor Browser\App[b]tor.exe [/b]
  • Tor\Tor Browser[i]FirefoxPortable[/i]\App\Firefox[b]tbb-firefox.exe[/b]

First i tried it with only tbb-firefox.exe “Always Sandbox” Restriction Level: Partially Limited, wont work.

Second i included all four applications start tor browser.exe, tor.exe, tbb-firefox.exe and vidalia.exe as “Always Sandbox” Restriction Level: Partially Limited.

it wont work, log says something about:

Control socket is not connected
[Error] We couldn't read a descriptor that is supposedly mmaped in our cache. Is another process running in our data directory? Exiting.

But if i now remove them from “Always Sandbox”, it works fine.

what am i doing wrong ?

Why You want to sandbox TOR Browser ,
Instead of sand-boxing it create a group in for ToR in Defense +
and control its activity ,
Defense+ is always good
please mention detailed reasons so i can help you

Yes , I figured it Out
Right Click on Browser Link
find the firefox.exe [ the .exe which will launch the tor and then right click it
and choose run in comodo sandbox
i tried it with IE8 you dont need two icon

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