Alternative toolbar to Yahoo for Comodo Dragon.

;D i have been using Firefox 8 via the beta channel and found as far as speed goes it was the fastest version of the browser i have ever used until now.Oh My God!.Comodo Dragon is lightening fast and like everything about it… but.

I cannot find a toolbar anywhere to add on similar to Yahoos as its incompatible from what i can see, which i find convenient for accessing my mail ect. Does anyone know of an alternative and could perhaps provide a link?.


Hello Dave1234

Sorry for the late reply;
Please refer to the following link: Managing your Search Engines

There isn’t a Yahoo Toolbar for Chromium Browsers (as far as I Know)

hope this helps

As Jacob has stated, Chrome is not planning to allow toolbars, it actually never wanted to allow them. The idea is to keep the browser clear from clutter, I support that.

You can do what I do on Pale Moon 8.0. You can go to your mail on a selected tab, right click that tab, and Pin Tab. So, when you start the browser, the tab will still be there. It was there even after selecting “Clear history and cookies at exit” option on Dragon.