Alternative for PowerPoint Viewer?

I’m looking for a pps program other than PP Viewer. Does such one exist (preferably small)?

I have not tried either of the above but they are supposed to be ok.

There is also a web based one called Slidy if I remember correctly.


Thanks. Will check them out l8tr (:HUG)

Unfortunately, none of those solutions were – solutions for me (:SAD). First one basically required OpenOffice itselt, which is a huge 250 MB suite. Second one was 54 mb via ftp (which I don’t have in Opera for some reason), and the last one simply didn’t work.

I guess I’ll stick with PP Viewer 2K3. Why I want to switch? There’s an unpatched Secunia vulnerability. 2K7 is just 5 times larger for no apparent reason, and my principle is to avoid bloatware :stuck_out_tongue:

Go over to Microsoft and do a search for “PowerPoint Viewer 2003”. It is free and works great as a stand-a-lone viewer.

Lee (B)

Hi Lee. Thanks, but as you can see above, I started this entire thread looking for an alternative to (i.e. something else other than) PointPoint Viewer (2003). :-*

Sorry about that. Guess I had better get some new glasses soon. ;D

Have a great week.

Lee (B)

I think you can use software from google docs :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, ajanet (:WAV)

Hmm… Google Docs seems to be different approach for powerpoint.

So first I have to download the pps file to my computer and then upload it to Google just to view it ???